Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mike Myers for Austin Powers 4?

Entertainment website HitFix confirmed last week that Mike Myers will return in another Austin Powers film, the fourth in the series.

Not since 2002 has the promiscuous (and quintessentially British) Powers starred on the silver screen, in the third and final film of the original trilogy, Goldmember.

Now, almost a decade later, Myers has reportedly signed a deal to return for a fourth instalment of the hit franchise. There’s no word thus far on who’ll be directing, a storyline (did the other three have that?) or other cast members, but I’ll be sure to post news as I find it.

All that's confirmed for now is the film, and that Myers will do it. I haven't seen confirmation of this news on any other websites, so don't take it for gospel. But if it's true, I’ll wager an estimate that it’ll be out by late 2013.

Watch this space.


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